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What am I going to put on the trek?Sep 19th, 2018

Hey! Surely you are already scheduled to come to Peru for the Inca Trail and are a bit in doubt about what to take or not to take on the trek. Well, here are some important facts about what to use on the trek.

Every traveler has their preferences, and in Wayki Trek we try to capture some of our experience for your trip. Let's not forget that the objective we pursue is always to be a unique experience!

As information. Take only the most important thing. Remember that weight is the first step to a bad walk. So starting from this data we have to review:

Shoes: boots will be your companions throughout the trip. So it is very important that your feet fit the type of foot, whether pronators, supinators or mixed. In addition, it is very important that they have protection against water. For this there is Gore-Tex technology in various brands. It is a kind of plastic sheet that covers the bottom of the boot. Preferably have ankle brace. That will protect your ankles from any fall. It's not nice to feel pain starting our trek!

Stockings: Stockings can be day and night on our trek. It is suggested to use, depending on the circuit or the temperature a pair of silk stockings. These will go under the larger stockings of wool or polyester wool, and can be worn for a day or two. This way we will avoid blisters by friction, and we will warm up on the route. Always carry two pairs of each.

Gaiters .: Depending on the route it is also suggested to have gaiters for when we walk through snow, mud, mud or mud. Protects ankles and legs when they have several hours of walking.

Polos: always think that we will be walking almost six or eight hours. Sometimes under the semi tropical sun, and we have to avoid the moisture of our own sweat. Always look for short poles of material other than cotton (do not dry out fast sweat). What is always sought is not to have the body wet, even the malodor can be postponed. Eight hours a day without a shower? Think about it. The materials preferred for this adventure are always synthetic fiber. Nylon, Polyester are preferred. Try to take three.

Shorts .: Always useful for hot moments. If we are going to walk with this clothes, it is indispensable that it is between 95 and 100% polyester. Do not forget the scalds. We want you to remember this trip, but because of the confrontation that was, it is nice to travel, but never scalded. Always carry one or two.

Underwear .: Nylon, polyester, microfiber, lycra. Any material that prevents sweating and eventual scalding. Believe me, they do not want it in their days of walking.

Pants: The pants that they choose, whatever brand they are, should always try to have the synthetic material is between 70% nylon - 30% cotton on average, which also makes them lighter on the route. There are transformable pants, which become shorts. Take at least two.

Tshirt / Sleepwear. And something that is indispensable for the afternoons and evenings: Flip Flaps. Yes, essential for the feet to breathe and do not swell too much.

Remember, when we talk about clothes on the walk it's all about layers. The secret is not to have too many that can get wet or regret. The jackets, make sure that they are feathers so light, and waterproof. In fact, the waterproofing is relative under four or five hours of rain, so also include a rain poncho. You do not have it? Here you can get one disposable before your walk.

Always, always have a vest in your clothes. Protects your chest while having more mobility in your hands. Synthetic fiber do not forget. They never tire of a pair of lightweight gloves.

Wing hats, we do not want sunburn or blisters on the back of the neck. A Chullo for the cold nights that cover the ears, you can also use earplugs. Sunglasses with 100% UV, there is no other chance, the Andean sun is imposing and above all with much radiation. '

That is, therefore, the information on what we should wear as the clothes of the walk. In fact there is not only one form, but the principles are basic. Remember, weight and moisture are what should be avoided. For that is the beginning of the famous "layers". Heat and scalds solved, and you're ready to begin. Do not forget to bring a bathing suit, if you want to go to the hot springs or be in an Andean spring waterfall! We will wait for you!



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