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Food in Peru: A taste of Lima and CuscoNov 06th, 2017

Whenever we imagine Peruvian food, we learn, feel, enjoy, but most importantly: We savor fusion of ancient cultures at our table.

We are clear that we are going to the world food destination. Peru. With their crucibles of cultures, many years of fusion and exchange with diverse ethnic and cultural influences await us. Like the Japanese, Chinese, and African.


Whenever we are passing through the capital, we must stop to enjoy, obligatorily, the amount of dishes offered by traditional Peruvian food. And is that some time ago, the present forms, in the fused techniques of our cooks, make the Creole dishes are much more than a normal lunch or dinner.

Peru has, of course, a great Hispanic influence (hence the name CRIOLLO -mixed- given the hundreds of years we were as a Spanish colony. Of course, this, along with the multicultural practice of national cuisine, has made a world bastion of the taste, as far as dishes with great substrate are concerned.

We will find in Lima dishes like Ají de Gallina, a kind of stew thickened with milk and nuts. Honestly an explosion of flavors on the palate. Served on an inert and solemn bed of boiled potatoes, and next to a generous portion of rice. The mixture, the mild spicy, the unique texture; Dream food.

Similarly takes body against the influence of China his majesty of Wok: Lomo Saltado. Meat thin with tomato and onion, sautéed, mixing also in the same way with extremely high fire. The cooking time of this dish is almost two minutes maximum. Juicy delight smeared with rice and chips; melt any exquisite or trained taste; with that smoky flavor reminiscent of the old picanterías of the old capital. As said, of great Eastern influence then, after years of slavery in the capital of the viceroyalty of Peru, the Chinese did their thing with that contribution of high fire in the national cuisine.

The cuisine of Lima is characterized by having all the blood is influences from the interior, given the number of provincial migrants to the capital in the last fifty years. So we can find very good regional food in the streets of the capital. Always remember to ask your operator well, about which places he recommends to avoid having unforeseen during his trip.

And in Lima, you can find kitchens for all kinds of tastes, and pockets. Of course, always thinking that when the products are from the region, they are much cheaper than they would find in a foreign capital. In Lima you can find restaurants "5 forks" and winners of Michellin stars. The districts of San Isidro, Miraflores, Barranco and Surco handle these standards of food and prices.

However, we also find what is hidden, what is reserved, what is meant only for connoisseurs of the centuries-old cuisine of Lima, in the famous "Huarikes", which are much more popular places, small in size, almost without advertising; but they are exquisite and overflow from customers eager to try again classic and select of our culture. In a separate article this fantastic Peruvian custom.

When you check with sales agents, do not forget to mention what you want to live, what you want to experience. There is some gastronomy tourism in Peru some years ago, and we mention it only to understand the real dimension that our kitchen has achieved. Investigate, ask, always the Waykis will be attentive so that they live the unique thing.


In the Andes, given its striking geography, meat, whatever it may be (Res, mutton, chicken, pig -guinea Pig-) has a special attention in the capital of the Inca empire. For millennia, there has been a fusion of Andean ancestral techniques with the varied local specimens.

As a first example we have an activity performed for millennia in the foothills of the mountains (Apus). The result, a pit in Mama Pacha (Earth), upholstered with hot red hot stones, covered with a layer of leaves of jungle trees. Time, heat, company and conversation with Chicha (fermented corn). And thus, we can simply enjoy an excellent Pachamanca. The tenderest meat we can imagine, cooked slowly under the ground, with the exact time, and a flavor that brings us to the grandiose ceremonies that could have the Inca ancestors.

There are many restaurants that offer this typical Cusco food, but only some are good enough for our visitors. So, again, it becomes necessary to contact a tour operator who is solvent and tells us where we can eat well, and with the guarantee that the inputs will be extraordinary.

Also, we recommend that this Pachamanca be consumed by day, and with time to do the digestion. Remember, the Pachamanca is eaten by hand. Not with cutlery, it is so much tastier! Not only will we taste meat, also, if one is a vegetarian, you will find in this banquet, variety of tubers that you can easily incorporate the most rigorous diet.

This is a brief approach to the dishes that you will find in the cities of Lima and Cusco. Served in this first delivery my visitors. The table is settled, come and get it!!!








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