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Water is an essential component for life; it is a necessary nutrient so that the organism stays properly structured and in perfect operation. It fulfills important functions since it allows to improve the performance of the brain and the heart; acts as a means of transporting nutrients, minerals, gases and waste products from the body; regulates the heat in our bodies; It is important in the digestive system and lubricates our muscles and joints.

It is necessary to constantly replace the water that we lose day by day. It is advisable to have the habit of drinking water frequently and not only when we feel thirsty since it is an alert that a certain level of dehydration has started to occur in our body.

The important relevance of making a good trek is to always get new standars of hidratation, is because of this that the real thing. Also is kind of interesting about making a new way of investment of our selfs, because being deydrathed make  your consciently unfortunately making a bad health refer. So, for making for example a trek, the University of Newcastle of Australia, recommends that being stronger is the time of getting new balance of an interesting win, this can be useful for medical practicing to avoid heart issues and also for getting a new way of looking and getting in touch. This can be a very useful for getting a new way of talking a way of hidratation can control the structure of your body.


Is important also to control your headechs, studies says that when you didn’t have a good hidratation yo should make a low quality performance that may can increase a lot the effort and can prevent a headache. This is called a new balance performance is about it that a lot of persons should get way a lot of water during activities that demands it. The structures are also making a new standar of performance, it is because a lot of the properties that are making the recording mistakes during that training may not be a lot of the interest of other standars of get the new release can say that the headache is not use to bed a lot of way reducting a new platform. It depends how much you can be rehydrated or how much tired you are of the same and the same part of your life.


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