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The Sacred road of Inca TrailSep 15th, 2018

The sacred road is loaded with symbolism in each one of the monuments that are in the length of the route. Spiritually, the sacred route means for the Andean people, the arrival or transtit to the center of their known universe: Cusco.

Not only wealth in the empire was the fact of having more family ties, therefore, being able to collaborate in the workforce and eventually perceive a good redistribution of part of Cusco. It was, to know the cultural and social expressions along the whole route, which was "loaded" with expressions and goods until its way towards the center.

We must think a little bit in the enormous effort that meant for the incas the unification of Capac Ñan, we will discover so, in its entire length, it was a way that unfolded (and congregated) an immeasurable quantity of products and goods (Sowing and harvesting), Throughout the whole territory.

In order to make everything work in a correct and "perfect" way (J. Lajo 1995), the Incas should have very well delimited and defined the stellar systems. In these, the sun (Inti), made possible the production of food and goods for the whole community. That’s the true core of the Incarian's life, knowing that his entire administrative system was redistributive (M. Rostoworowski 1997), there should be no fissures in calculating the specific dates for his production.

In all the constructions in the length of Capac Ñan, the monuments that were erected dedicated to the study of the stars, were perfectly aligned with the exits and the sunsets. Calculating thus, the seasons of sowing and harvesting.

When the Inca was annexed to a new lordship, it was in charge of mitmakunas and mittanos -collaborators- of the construction of new centers of government, in which it resided in the direct relative of the Inca (I. Garcilazo 1553), to assure the transmission of Knowledge and religiosity, as well as a show of respect for the new province, using the sacred path as a trunk of transmission of knowledge.

Each solstice and every heavenly formation in the sky were scaled according to the ancestral knowledge of the stars, and the rotation of the earth around the sun. Compiled them in each construction that offered new annexed provinces.

Depending on its location in front of the exit and the occultism of the sun (Cardinal axes) was related to the "control" exercised by the Sun (Inti) in Mama Pacha (Earth) to seek a great coordination of the times of sow and Agricultural work, generating resources for the community.

Each of the urban incense centers on the Capac Ñan route, as see, was directly related to the June solstice, for the harvest. For life, which it’s entire dependency of the stars, alignments, and knowledge of the seasons. 


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