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The Chiri UchuJun 13th, 2017

The Chiri Uchu in Quechua means "tasty spicy food", is a dish that evokes the tradition and gastronomy of Cusco, being a typical and representative dish of this city. History tells us that this ancient dish comes from Inca times, where mutual help and reciprocity among the Ayllus (andean communities) was based on the fact that the families of the Coast, Sierra and Selva, met and always shared their best dishes. Also tells the story in the parties of the Sun or of Cusco the inhabitants of different regions of the empire visited the city Cusco by the parties of the Sun, where each traveler took its own food, by the duration of the trip the food had to be nonperishable for That does not decompose. There many travelers shared their meals making a common dish, where each traveler placed what he brought from his region. Thus originated the famous "Chiri Uchu" is so that the ingredients of the dish are not perishable and are from different regions of the country.

The main ingredients of Chiri Uchu are: Cuy, Charqui (dehydrated meat), seaweed, hen, charqui, potatoes, celery, huacatay, corn torreja, corn field, cheese and rocoto; Over the years it has been introducing some ingredients such as sausage, and black pudding and others. This ancient dish is served to this day in the city of Cusco, mainly during the feast of Corpus Christi, since the ingredients contained in this dish were offered to the god Inti on June 24.

There are several entities that are responsible for promoting this dish so representative, who organize the sale of dishes in different places and events of the city.


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