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The recommended physical condition before a TrekSep 04th, 2018

Many people are wondering what fitness they should have before performing a Trek. Well the truth is that the answer is variable especially considering the age and experience that each of our clients have. It is very curious this question, since to be more specific could put an example that can describe this of a form much closer to the reality. You should take some tips that will serve you a lot when starting a trek. Your body and your mind will thank you very much.

Start with small walks: Take your most comfortable sneakers and start walking through the park closest to your home. Walking is a habit that it does is to oxygenate the heart of a few, thus achieving that you can achieve an optimal physical state. Try to make your walks longer and longer. It starts at 10 to 15 minute intervals and then starts to extend them when you feel you can improve the time.

Try to enter a Gym: While fitness is of paramount importance to keep the heart oxygenated at the time of a walk, the muscular part is also vital for optimal physical performance. Muscle strengthening is important in that it gives the body the strength needed for long paths.

Wear comfortable clothes: Clothing is a very important factor when making a Trek, that is why all the accessories that you should take into account mainly go from boots that fit you, to a pole that is the most comfortable as possible. Do not forget to consider before a Trek the following elements: Boots, Stockings, Gaiters, Shirts, Shorts, Pants, T shirts and also sleep wear.

While it is true that physical fitness is important for a long walk above all, the power of motivation is also important. Clients who take walks with us, are involved in the mystique and strength of our land, which the motivate you to continue your journey. Being close to your family and friends is a motivation that allows you to go beyond any tiredness.

The guide plays a very important role as well, as he is responsible for giving encouragement and support to the person who may find himself tired after a long walk. It is important to be always close to the guide and the group, since it is able to provide the best assistance in any situation. The way our customers are motivated is always going to be the most important thing for us. Taking care of their physical strength is of paramount importance so that the performance they have is optimal.


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