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All you need to know before a TrekJun 23rd, 2017

Is almost there to visit our country and start to do the trekking that you were waiting for? ¿And it has not happened to you that you have some doubts that to ask about, but maybe just because you had not considered it before? Like the tip, or the physical state in which you should be, and many others. If the answer is yes, and you are also interested in knowing important tips prior to a hike, this article is for you.

We could start with the tipping issue. Who has not asked about the amount of tip you should leave at a specific time?, Many people are hesitant about leaving too little or too much in comparison with others and even sometimes embarrassed to ask, being So they end up spending an awkward moment, it’s like stop asking some important questions to our guide because you are ashamed to ask something obviously, for example. Well the truth is that for all the people who accompany you during a walk, it usually depends on the experience that you are living, that allows you to give an exact amount according to what you think necessary. Although you cannot give a common considered amount on walks, the truth is that the best tip you can give is always better when it is in a sealed envelope, to prevent other travelers feel the need to give more, or feel bad for not having given the "sufficient in comparison to the others".


Another question of many people is the physical state. Depending on the walk you are going to do, consider your activity in a lapse of 2 months. Because while it is not necessary to be an athlete to perform a walk, it is important to have a certain rhythm when performing it. The best way to oxygenate the heart is walking or jogging, and making an assessment of your health and fitness, will help you to get confident and live an unforgettable experience in your walk. I think that although this type of doubts are very worrisome to people, the truth is that there is no exact classification to design parameters established for all, taking into account that walks are always given by people in all parts of the world.

Indeed some advices and important tips regarding walking are for example, always follow your guide and stay away from the group. It is important that if your walking is much faster than others, try to stay close to the guide, since you are walking through a place you probably do not know. Wearing comfortable clothes is also crucial for you to feel free when making your walk. Use comfortable shoes and clothe for trekking, so you can move freely.

Carry with you some money cash. Many people have problems with money because they are always with credit cards. Remember to make the change with the local money and also take some dollars for every emergency it would appear.


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