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Weather in the Inca Trail TrekSep 22nd, 2018


The climate of the Andes is probably one of the most impressive in nature. Precisely, in this article we try to give you some ideas about the weather and the time of year with rains and so on.

To begin, we must know that Cusco is at 3300 masl, likewise, most camps are at the same level. Thus, in the higher camps the temperature drops to 5 degrees.

We also commented that in the traditional Inca trail of 4 days we can expect from the start a very hot and sunny day. However, at night, between Wayllabamba and Pacaymayu it is dry cold, due to the availability of oxygen due to altitude. Already on the third night is quite temperate. We find temperatures ranging from 5 -7 ° C to 21-24 ° C.

Understanding that the closer we get to our destination, the more we will be towards 2000 to 2100 masl, which makes the climate more semi-tropical. MachuPicchu is in a place considered a jungle eyebrow, that is, that is quite close to characteristics and location of an Amazonian environment.

Being that we have the adventurous spirit, we have an additional fact: there are times in the year that the climate becomes rainy. Keep in mind that in Peru we manage very different types of stations. Rainy (December - March) and Drought (April - November).

Especially in the months of September can be observed in the way pretty semi tropical flora, being the month of beginning of the spring in Peru.

The high travel season for Peru coincides with the driest (and coldest) months: from May to September. May and September are particularly good months to visit much of the country with fewer tourists, but you can find some rain. In the route to the Inca trail and MachuPicchu, the dry weather months, we have an average humidity of 60% - 70% and the months with abundant rain up to 80% - 91%.

In fact between December and February there are months with enough rain. However we have the advantage that are months in which there is little visitor traffic. This is how our route is quite free and we can fully enjoy our Inca Trail. Rainfall ranges from 1600 ML to 2,300 ML.

Always keep in mind that, some advantages are in fact a challenging adventure, as the road becomes muddy or slippery. Mention aside that it is possible that when we arrive at MachuPicchu there is some fog. We must also know that the sky, when it clears, opens a dream blue, both on the route and at MachuPicchu.

In fact we have in Peru a good official source of information that includes the data that are needed for your adventure, following the link of the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology, in this short route: https://goo.gl/s88d5D.

Pros and cons to evaluate, however, we know that the experience will always be for a lifetime, and that we will feel the walk in every step we take, with a great renewed spirit. 



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