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The Sacred road of Inca Trail

The Sacred road of Inca TrailSep 15th, 2018

The sacred road is loaded with symbolism in each one of the monuments that are in the length of the route. Spiritually, the sacred route means for the Andean people, the arrival or transtit to the center of their known universe: Cusco.
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The recommended physical condition before a Trek

The recommended physical condition before a TrekSep 04th, 2018

Many people are wondering what fitness they should have before performing a Trek. Well the truth is that the answer is variable especially considering the age and experience that each of our clients have. It is very curious this question, since to be more specific could put an example that can describe this of a form much closer to the reality. You should take some tips that will serve you a lot when starting a trek. Your body and your mind will thank you very much.
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Food in Peru: A taste of Lima and Cusco

Food in Peru: A taste of Lima and CuscoNov 06th, 2017

Whenever we imagine Peruvian food, we learn, feel, enjoy, but most importantly: We savor fusion of ancient cultures at our table.
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Wayki Trek’s associative work

Wayki Trek’s associative workJul 03rd, 2017

The concept of associative work has changed its name in different stages of the development of our country. In fact, the term cooperative is very familiar in the interior of Peru. At the end of the 20th century, it was based on community - social models, which were eventually unsustainable for various economic and political reasons.

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Guest Post- Inca Trek by Debbie Larsen

Guest Post- Inca Trek by Debbie LarsenNov 03rd, 2016

Today we are lucky enough to share a post written by one of our valued trekkers, Debbie Larsen! She joined us for the 2 Day Inca Trail back in September, and this was what she wrote about her experience with us. Thank you again, Debbie, for sharing this, and coming on this adventure with us!!

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