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Vacancies for the Inca Trail

Vacancies for the Inca TrailAug 24th, 2017

For everything on the route go as planned, the people who come must take into account certain requirements that are indispensable to take into account once you have decided to do the trek.

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Weather in the Inca Trail Trek

Weather in the Inca Trail TrekAug 14th, 2017

The climate of the Andes is probably one of the most impressive in nature. Precisely, in this article we try to give you some ideas about the weather and the time of year with rains and so on.
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Monuments lined up on the Inca Trail

Monuments lined up on the Inca TrailAug 10th, 2017

The sacred road is loaded with symbolism in each one of the monuments that are in the length of the route. Spiritually, the sacred route means for the Andean people, the arrival or transtit to the center of their known universe: Cusco.
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¿Clothing? What am I going to put on the trek?

¿Clothing? What am I going to put on the trek?Jul 18th, 2017

Hey! Surely you are already scheduled to come to Peru for the Inca Trail and are a bit in doubt about what to take or not to take on the trek. Well, here are some important facts about what to use on the trek.

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Wayki Trek’s associative work

Wayki Trek’s associative workJul 03rd, 2017

The concept of associative work has changed its name in different stages of the development of our country. In fact, the term cooperative is very familiar in the interior of Peru. At the end of the 20th century, it was based on community - social models, which were eventually unsustainable for various economic and political reasons.

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