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There are few places in the world in which the nature is so magical. In where the combination of vibrant forests, winding rivers, immense swamps and lush ecosystems “aguajales” make our visitors to Puerto Maldonado considered as the capital of biodiversity in Peru. Dive into the adventure and enjoy this Monkey Island 4D, wrap yourself in the magic of the Peruvian jungle.

There are few places in the world in which the nature is so magical. Dive into the adventure and enjoy this Monkey Island 4D, wrap yourself in the magic of the Peruvian jungle.

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Please keep in mind that the various species of animals are free in their habitat; for that reason, the sighting of them relies heavily on external factors; which are beyond our control.


Upon your arrival to Puerto Maldonado, Peru's capital of biodiversity, we will welcome you at the airport.  Then, we will start our program by visiting the city on a bus.

Afterwards, we will go to Puerto Capitanía, the port where our riverboat will be waiting for us.  We will sail across Rio Bajo Madre de Dios (Winding River) until arriving at our lodge, 30 km away from Puerto Maldonado City.  On our way, you will be able to observe rural lands designed for agricultural and livestock activities near the city.  lf the weather is good,  you will view colorful  plants like the large-flowered  heliconias, and you will have the chance to observe diverse animal species  such as capybaras, caimans, water  turtles, herons, cormorants, carrion birds, and birds of prey.

Upon arrival at our lodge, you will be welcomed with delicious Amazon tropical fruit nectars and taken to your comfortable room (bungalow) reserved for the occasion.  Once you are settled in the room, a hearty lunch will be served for you in our warm, rustically designed dining room.


In the afternoon, our specialized guide will take you through an interpretive trail,  conveniently  signposted,  to Caiman  Cocha, a little lagoon where you will have the chance to observe the black caiman  and the common caiman, as well as efficient apex predators   located  at  the top of  the  food  chain.  They feed on rich water fauna-mainly represented by fish that inhabit the pond.

At dusk, you will witness the spectacular sunset over the exotic Amazon region, an experience full of color in overwhelming ranges and intensities.

Back in the lodge, a delicious dinner will await you and you will have free time to share unforgettable moments at the bar, equipped with an excellent game room and all of the drinks you can imagine.

The night time fauna will lull you to sleep with the soothing melody of a huge number of songbirds and calls.


The singing birds of paradise will wake you up refreshed and renewed.  A hearty breakfast will provide the energy for a morning full of new experiences.


After breakfast, we will start a hike to the deep forest on conveniently prepared, preserved and signposted trails.  On the way we will cross the riverside to reach the high-elevation forests, and then we will descend to floodable forests to ascend again to the hills.  During the journey we will see the widest range of flora and fauna in the wild.

Along the way we will see diverse species of medicinal plants and fruit trees supporting the animal and human populations of the majestic Amazon forests.  Some of the most important are the moriche palm, mahogany, chestnut, catahua, cedar, trumpet-wood, copaiba, and shihuahuaco tree species among others.

With luck and in silence, you can wtiness bigger mammals, like the Brazilian tapir and the white-lípped peccary; rodents like the giant otter, the capybara, the spotted paca, and the armadillo; primates like the coto or howler monkey, the squirrel monkey, the lion monkey, and the black-cap capuchin monkey; reptiles like the iguana and the bothrops atrox; amphibians like the toad; and birds like the guan, the partridge, the golden parakeet, and the blue, yellow, and red macaw.

In the rainy jungle, you will see insects such as butterflies (Lepidoptera), scarabs (Coleoptera), crickets, cicadas, ants, tentipedes, and millipedes of several species.

We will arrive at the majestic Lake Apu Víctor surrounded by immense swarms and gigantic trees.  Then, we will ascend to an Amazonian observation deck, from which you'll get to enjoy a panoramic view of the lake, observe parrots, macaws, toucans, horned screamers, hoatzins, herons, and other animals like caimans, turtles, etc.

A wide variety of fish enter Lake Apu Víctor with the flooding of the (heavy) rainy season.  In addition, there are other species of fauna associated with the lake, like the yellow-footed tortoise, the mata mata, the twist-necked turtle, the freshwater blenny, the kinkajou, the white-tailed deer, the Central American agoutis, and the giant otter of the Amazon rainforest.  Back at the lodge, a refreshing lunch will be awaiting you.


In the afternoon, joined with our specialized guide, we will visit the Monkey island, a few minutes away from the lodge in the center of the Madre de Dios River.  This island shows an enormous variety of exuberant flora and hosts numerous primate specimens like the black spider monkey, the black-cap capuchin monkey, the squirrel monkey, and the lion monkey.  Also other species of little mammals like the ring-tailed coati (nasua nasua), the squirrel, and an enormous variety of colored birds.

Finally, we will complete our visit to the island, enjoying a sunset with the most impressive dusk that the jungle has to offer.  Back at the lodge, you will savor an exquisite dinner.


Magic begins with birds singing from the exotic Amazon paradise, waking up to calls of the howler monkey.  A hearty breakfast will provide you with the necessary energy for a morning full of new experiences.


After breakfast we will start an adventure in the enchanting virgin forest, accompanied  by a local .guide we will go on a hike in the deep forest.  We will cover very well preserved and prepared trails for our interpretive tour.  On our way we will cross temporary watercourses called tributaries through very well kept bridges, and we will witness the widest range of flora and fauna in the wild.  We will identify a great variety of ornamental plants with unparalleled beauty.

On route  to the  Lost  Cocha,  we  will  see  diverse  species  of medicinal plants and fruit trees that support the animal populations of the Amazon forest.

With  luck,  you'll get to see bigger  mammals, like the jaguar or Peruvian jaguar, the Brazilian tapir and the white-lipped peccary;  rodents like the giant otter, the capybara, the spotted  paca, and the armadillo;  primates like the coto or howler monkey, and the squirrel  monkey;  reptiles like the iguana and the bothrops atrox; amphibians like the toad; and birds like the guan, the partridge, the golden parakeet, and the scarlet macaw.

The rivers leave behind wetland systems, lakes, ponds, and bends, like the spectacular Lost Cocha.  Wetlands play an ecological role of unparalleled importance since they represent a substantial biological source of endemic species.  They are a shelter to mammals.  These swamps comprise  60% of the area protected and restored by Eco Amazonia Lodge.

The presence of the Moriches palm is very important for Amazonian ethnic groups.  lt is a mysterious  plant considered the mother of the forest or the tree of life.

The swamp is the home of jealous guardians like the jaguar,  a feline considered the son of the swamp; the anaconda, the world's largest snake; the owl that sees everything from its perch  atop the trees,  to cure all ills; and the black caiman, guardian that punishes those that dare to steal the female moriche palm fruit.

Once in Lost Cocha, we will ascend an enormous observation platform.  From this lookout, you will witness the enormous surface that this magical place covers and from where you can see two different types of swamps: thick and mixed.

Then, we will take a pleasant hike around  the Lost Cocha  and with luck you'll get to see  the "giant otter" or Pteronurabrasiliensis, the biggest of its' type and one of the most impressive animals of the Amazon region.  Back at the lodge, you can enjoy an exquisite Lunch.

In the afternoon, you will have free time to take pictures around the lodge, and you will have the possibility to visit the botanical garden and observe our medicinal plants and fruit trees. At night, you can enjoy a delicious dinner.  If you are not tired, you can enjoy a fun night at the bar and game room.


The singing birds of paradise will wake you up and the powerful roar of the howler monkey will warn you that you are still in its' territory and that it is time to leave.  In our dining room, a delicious breakfast will await you before going back to Puerto Maldonado.


  • Shuttle service from/to airport in Puerto Maldonado.
  • All meals.
  • Accommodation in comfortable traditional bungalows.
  • All trips / excursions  with a specialized  guide.


  • Flight to Puerto Maldonado.
  • The breakfast and mineral water, only for the first day.
  • Some kinds of drinks such as beers or sodas.
  • last dinner.
  • Transfer service to the airport in Cusco.
  • Tips.



  • $410.00 per person (based on a double room accommodation)*
  • $510.00 per person (based on a single room accommodation)*

*Price per person (minimum of 2 participants), applies for departures from 1st January 2016 until 31st December 2016.

Important: Children between 2 to 10 years old pay 65% of the published rate.



Once you have made your booking, the space and tickets purchased cannot be cancelled.  It is also impossible to transfer the reservation to someone else under a different name.

To consider:

  • If you cancel the booking between 30 to 10 days before the start of your trip; you will be required to pay 50% of the total cost.
  • If you cancel the booking between 10 to 3 days before the start of your trip; you will be required to pay 80% of the total cost.
  • If you cancel the booking between 1 to 2 days before the start of your trip; you will be required to pay 100% of the total cost.

In the event that you decide to withdraw form the service once it has started, you will be responsible for all additional charges such as food and transportation that might occur due to the modification of your itinerary.

In the event that you decide to cancel the trip due to a health issue or personal problem; the above cancellation policies will be applied as the company had already incurred in administrative expenses.

To book your Monkey Island 4D, we need the following information (FROM EACH PARTICIPANT):

Personal information:

1) Name of the tour:

2) Trekking starting Date:

3) Name (Include middle name):

4) Last Name:


6) Birthday (DD/MM/YYYY):

7)Number of passport:

8)Passport Expiration Date:


10)If you are student (Do you have ISIC card) YES or NO



13)Phone Number:

14) Food Preference:


16)Medical Requirement:

17)Adittional Services:

Deposit of USD 200.00 per person, which can be sent through:



You can use the PayPal option from our website and follow the steps. Please note that PayPal charges 6% tax for this transaction that is include automatically in this option. Once the payment is done, please forward us the email confirmation in order to proceed with your booking.

In case you decide to make the deposit directly from your account, don’t forget to add the 6% tax. You can send the deposit to this account: leocusi@waykitrek.net



In case you decide to use Western Union (http://www.westernunion.com), you will need the following information:



Paternal name: QUISPE

Maternal name: GUTIERREZ

Address: 239 Quera St., Cusco - Perú

Please don’t forget to send us the tracking code (MTCN) in order to pick up the deposit and confirm your booking.



  • In order to guarantee your participation in the Monkey Island 4D, you need to send us your deposit. Otherwise we can NOT guarantee the service.
  • The deposit does not include any fee or tax for this transaction.
  • Once you send your deposit, please send us the confirmation receipt or MTCN in order to confirm your booking.
  • The deposit is NOT refundable.
  • The last payment will be made at our Cusco office. Please note that we only take cash.


For this tour, it is necessary to identify yourself and show an Identification document at the start of the trip.  Please have your original passport (must be valid for 6 months or more).


Please consider to buy your flight tickets arriving or departing to/from Puerto Maldonado between 10 am -12pm.


Consider the following: Monkey Island 3D has departures only with a minimum of 2 participants.  Please coordinate the dates available with your sales assistant.


Large bags are left at our offices in Puerto Maldonado.  The boats are only for passengers, we recommend carrying a small knapsack with the necessary items for your stay in the lodge.


  • Light clothing.
  • long-sleeved shirts, long pants.
  • Hat.
  • Rain jacket.
  • Two pairs of sneakers.
  • Sunglasses with UV protection.
  • repellent and sunscreen.
  • Swimwear.
  • Boots.
  • Binoculars and flashlight.
  • Camera.
  • Canteen.
  • Personal medication.

Make your payments more securely through Paypal. To make your deposit , you can use the following cards: